Tune into NSBRA Radio 89.5fm

Once again Cyril Kendrick will announce the play by play of the race in Yarmouth this weekend on the radio at 89.5 fm. There will be no loud speaker so please bring a radio to hear the play by play!

Guess who’s back?

hazzardYes that’s right the 2011 and 2013 Super Stock Champion Hazzard is back on the water and ready to race. It seems watching from the sidelines wasn’t the “Good ole Boys” cup of tea anymore and they want to get back to racing. They will be in the SuperStock (550hp) class again to battle The Blur, Jaws and Strait Ahead. This is going to be some fantastic racing coming up!


meeting-roomThere will be a Pre-Race meeting Tuesday August 4th at 7:00pm to the NSBRA Headquarters (upstairs at the Wm. R. Murphy Building) regarding the YARMOUTH Race.

All Racers that are dyno’d and racing MUST attend or have your representative present.

No Parking Areas on the Causeway!


We have been notified by the RCMP that the Dept of Transportation has just put up signs on the causeway marking off the “improper parking” areas. This is done for safety in the event of an emergency so we ask everyone to please pay attention to this and park accordingly.

Hazzard’s Pilot joins the Spit n Sputter!

The pilot of the Hazzard joins the Spit N Sputter for the “exhibition” races that will take place during the Robert Nickerson Memorial Race this Saturday at 12noon. James Crowell will join with Adam Atkinson to race the SNS in memory of Robert.

Robert Memorial Race *UPDATE*

It was discussed in a meeting with registered racers that NSBRA may see an influx of unregistered race boats want to take part in the August 1st 2015 Memorial Race as a sign of respect to Robert Nickerson. As to not affect the regular points system of the already registered race teams it was decided that should anyone show up to be added into an exhibition race we will require:

• The NSBRA Membership Registration fee (per racer)
• A NSBRA Boat Registration form (at no cost).

This will be the ONLY EVENT where non-points 30’ modified boats are welcome to race in the respective HP class. They are still expected to register under NSBRA and comply with the all usually safety standards and must provide a pleasure craft operators card or equivalent.


We support the conservation of wildlife

The Robert Nickerson Memorial Race is scheduled for August 1st, 2015. At this time there will be families of Piping Plovers and Spotted Sandpipers on the beach that are still unable to fly. They may get agitated from the high volume of foot traffic from race spectators. This should only be a problem for spectators at this particular race as the chicks should be able to fly by mid-August.
Red ZoneWhat you can do to help:

• Please avoid sensitive wildlife area along Causeway (south) side of beach.
• Use one of the already designated paths to go to the beach and respect signs and roped area.
• Keep animals on leashes for safety of people and wildlife.

Also, please take your garbage and food with you when you leave the beach area. NSBRA would like to stress that we want to do everything possible to help conserve the local wildlife. Thank you for your help and support. “Conserving bird populations and their habitats supports a healthy environment for every living thing – including us!”


meeting-roomThere will be a Pre-Race meeting Tuesday July 28th at 7:00pm to the NSBRA Headquarters (upstairs at the Wm. R. Murphy Building) regarding the Robert Nickerson Memorial Race. All Racers that are dyno’d and racing in this August 1st memorial race MUST attend or have your representative present.

Next Race in Pugwash for Harbour Fest!

July 25th at 3pm

July 25th at 3pm

The NSBRA will be on the road again in 2 weeks time for the Pugwash Harbour Fest on July 25th at 3pm. With competition heating up, the races in Pugwash should be a great show! Also lots of other events and attractions at Harbour Fest happening during the weekend. Click on the image to visit their website for more information.