NSBRA | Points Calculation

NSBRA Points System

The goal of each team is to acquire the most points possible.  The team with the most points after the last race of the year will be NSBRA Champion in their class and be awarded the WM R Murphy Series Cup. Points are awarded based on what position each boat finishes.

1st    40 Points
2nd   35 Points
3rd    30 Points
4th    28 Points
5th    26 Points
6th    24 Points
7th    22 Points
8th    20 Points
9th    18 Points
10th  16 Points
11th   14 Points

No Shows – Boats who do not show or start a race will not acquire any points.

Note: In the event of a boat exceeding the horsepower limit a points penalty will occur as per Section 7.2.1 of the NSBRA Policies and Rules.